Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Lindsay. I am an alcoholic and addict whose sober birthday is 8/31/2017. I have crawled my way out of the darkest of caves that once held me captive. It took a complete leveling of my self-pride and ego, but I stand here today sober with a willingness to be honest & open about who I am, and I how remain in recovery. I share my story openly, because the stigma around who and what recovering alcoholics and drug addicts are needs to be broken, and I consider myself to be a warrior on this mission. 

In 2017 I checked myself into treatment. It was the first time I wanted to be sober, and knew that without a complete overhaul I didn't stand a chance. It was an experience that changed my life, my way of thinking, it changed everything about me. This choice put me on a path that would be the foundation for my recovery. And that's how it has to be for anyone that wants sobriety; it has to be a choice. Some of us find sobriety via a court order or some outside factor. But as I know all too well, that unless I want to be sober, I won't be.

I write openly about my experience, strength, and hope. It is my sincerest wish that this blog serve as means for the suffering to find a light of hope, and for those in recovery to find a common voice, and for those not sure of what alcoholism & drug addiction are to be a resource. There's a stigma and misunderstanding about the disease itself and the people afflicted by it. I am going to break that stigma one word, one post, one day at a time. 


SobeHustle supports those at all stages of sobriety; from questioning if you are an alcoholic/addict, to those well on their way in their recovery / sobriety journey. At SoberHustle we know that sobriety is a lifestyle choice, so we want to empower those living mindfully in this way with resources, products, and services... as well as some vulgar humor on occasion!


It started with a suggestion, and that suggestion lit the way for the blog to be born, and the writing to begin. I write openly about my own experience with alcoholism & drug addition as a means to break-down the societal stigma that haunts those who are afflicted, and to provide answers to those who question. If this writing can help 1 person find recovery, then SoberHustle has succeeded. I am hoping the light of SoberHustle will shine far & vast.