Sober, Bored, & Nowhere to Go

Boredom is real in early recovery, actually boredom is something that all people complain about not just the newly sober.... In fact, it's often times THE reason people continue to drink, despite the consequences problem drinkers are faced with as a result of their addition. Our society is empirical on integrating alcohol into all social aspects... including those that involve our children. Mommy & me wine dates, boozy book clubs, $1 wine all day, etc. to infinitum. We are hard coded to want to belong & commune; some of us chase that to the detriment of our own wellbeing.

So what are we to do? Plenty. The world is vast, and so is your untapped imagination. It's been a while since you've let it roam in a healthy manner. For me, it went something like this; I was unfit. Overweight actually. For years I had dreamt of losing the weight. and had always thought that one day I would run in the Bolder Boulder 10k near where I live. I had always made plans to train for it, but never followed through because I had 2.5 full time jobs; my actual job, part-time mom (divorced), and my main job, drinking. So being sober & detoxed, I took to training. I used a free app that allowed me to set my 10k goal. It took into account my current fitness level and the timeframe I had to work with. Having a set plan, I was ready to go, and I actually did it! I ran in my first Bolder Boulder in 2016. I was hooked.

Running opened the doorway to new friendships, new confidence, and a new hobby. As I shared my progress on social media, a few friends that were already runners took notice and invited me to join them on a crazy adventure called Ragnar Road Relay. This epic race was the first of its kind for me. 200 miles of laughter, some tears on my part for doing something I never imagined I could do, a little zombie like at the end, and the best memories & friendships to last a lifetime.

If fitness isn't your thing, let's focus on some other ways we can fill your day. Having sustained a few running injuries, I needed other ways to fill my time while I recouped. Exploring new at-home hobbies is perfect; especially as we are all home-bound due to the Coronavirus impacting our normal. There are several delivery subscription boxes you can order, and they have everything from creating a painting to making jewelry, or learning witchcraft.

I can make suggestions and recommendations for many more paragraphs, but what this boils down to is that you now have freedom from alcohol and drugs, so go and do things that you've put on the "maybe someday" list. Now is your someday! You get to be the author of your life, and re-write your story. Be sure to include some activities that make you feel child-like joy again. You're allowed to enjoy your life, and life is definitely meant to be enjoyed. Let me know what hobbies you love!



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