Soar With The Eagles

Being a mom can be hard. Being a mom in recovery can be even harder. Being a mom who's story of bottoming-out & subsequent trip to rehab being whispered about amongst the "other" mom's in the spirit of gossip and shaming is all out crippling. The looks of judgement and whispers amongst these kinds of women as you walk by all in the spirit of meanness is almost enough to make any mom want crawl into a hole and cry themselves to the point of sleep or death; especially the newly sober mom who is fighting like hell to just get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other. Sound familiar? Good, because you're not alone. This was my experience days after returning home from treatment. What is it about women shaming other women? Enough!

Our stories of how we bottomed out and the help we reached out for is not meant for others to use as a form of entertainment. These are our stories. They are meant for us to share and us alone with whomever we deem trustworthy enough to divulge the details to. When others share our own stories as if they are their own, it takes away the one thing we do actually have power over, sharing it with the select few we wish to. This is not a story that is meant to be shared with everyone on the God damned PTA. Not everyone understands this though. Truth is, it's our own actions and fall-out that gave their mouths the salacious words & stories to share.

We have power in not treating them the same way they are treating us, though. We get to chose how we respond, or not. Our own power can be taken back by choosing to be non-reactive to these people. Our rise from the ashes will be enough to silence them... one day. For now, our energy needs to be re-focused on the work that lies ahead of us; our own journey forward. Leave these folks behind and give them not one drop of your tears in public. Cry your eyes out at home. Don't let them see the pain they inflicted, because you my dear will leave them guessing. Their own curiosity about how you were somehow stronger and better than they were expecting will be reward enough... for now. Take comfort in that, and keep on with your beautiful self. Your wings are coming, and soon you will soar with the eagles rather than pecking your way through life with the ordinary chickens.